What managers need to know

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Religion in the Workplace: What Managers Need to Know

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Human Resources Q&A: What managers and supervisors need to know about HR

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Many companies, particularly those on the West Coast, have expressed great interest in knowing more about the Latina workforce. In response to this need, Catalyst presents this report on Latinas in corporate management and the strategies companies and managers need to take advantage of this information.

This video provides a crash course in what managers need to know about finance. Joe Knight, coauthor of the Financial Intelligence series, provides an insight into what you need to know.

Organisations need power to function well. Power influences people’s behaviour and attitudes, it allows managers to determine a course of events and is an important contributor to change leadership and dealing with resistance.

People need power to get their jobs done and to meet objectives. Additionally, restaurant managers need to be fluent in all aspects of restaurant operations, including front and back of house functions. Restaurant management training offers formal instruction and practical exercises designed to enhance a leader’s hard and soft skills.

With most managers weakest in their role as Strategist, they will need to be especially intentional about bringing the developmental discussions to fruition.

HR needs to be strong Strategists too and remind managers of what they have committed to do. Public-Private Partnerships (P3s): What Local Government Managers Need to Know. This policy issue white paper defines the types and characteristics of public-private partnerships, along with their advantages and disadvantages, and offers eight case examples.

What managers need to know
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