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Basically, cool is just slang for words like awesome, fashionable, and great. II. Body A. People usually go beyond being thereselves in order to accomplish this cool image. Most believe that being cool or doing whats cool is the way to fit in.

Individuals will wear a certain clothes brand because they believe it’s cool. Every day at school I see students trying as hardas they can to look popular, or at least somewhat cool. Through the years, I havediscovered that almost everyone, no matter how old or young, tries to be cool.

Iconsider this to be a type of epidemic. What is Cool There are many definition of cool - What is Cool introduction. The meaning of the word depends on the user and the circumstance.

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There are many areas in life that the word cool can be applied in. Examples of the application of the word is “cool” air, or a teenager who wants. What is Cool Essay.

What is Cool. There are many definition of cool - What is Cool Essay introduction. The meaning of the word depends on the user and the circumstance.

What is cool essay
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