Psychological egoism theory essay

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Ethical Egoism

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Ethical Egoism

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Psychological egoism

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Psychological Egoism vs. Ethical Egoism Essay Example

The theory of psychological egoism is indeed plausible. The meaning of plausible in the context of this paper refers to the validity or the conceivability of the theory in question, to explain the nature. Psychological egoism: This is the term that is taken to apply the aspect of human motivations as centered in self-interest.

Psychological Egoism

According to this view, any action despite its scores of altruism is governed by the motivations of personal desire that come from the psychological overview of the specific agent.

Psychological egoism is a particularly persuasive theory because at its core it is impossible to empirically prove it wrong. However, it is just as hard to empirically prove it right, or to prove its opposite wrong for that matter, and therein lies its fallacy.

Psychological egoism is not an ethical theory, but a descriptive view about human behavior. Given this, how might the truth of psychological egoism have implications. Essay Ethical Egoism as Moral Theory. ethical egoism fails as a moral theory to assist moral decision making because it endorses the animalistic nature of humanity, fails to provide a viable solution to a conflict of interest, and is proved to be an evolutionary unstable moral strategy.

The theory of psychological egoism is indeed plausible. The meaning of plausible in the context of this paper refers to the validity or the conceivability of the theory in question, to explain the nature and motivation of human behavior (Hinman, ).

Psychological egoism theory essay
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