Odysseus what his decisions say essay

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Odysseus is a good leader

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What are the most important decisions Odysseus makes? Are they good or bad?

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The Achilles of ancient Greek legend is often counted among the greatest of epic heroes for his fantastical exploits during the Trojan War as depicted by Homer in the Iliad. While it is easy to become seduced by the power and might of invincible Achilles we must remember.

Odysseus Essay

We will write a custom essay sample on Odysseus specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now His curiosity also led him to make foolish decisions like when Odysseus went to explore the island of the Cyclops and foolishly entered Polyphemus’s cave uninvited which disrespected the rules of xenia.

His curiosity also led him to. Odysseus could be considered a hero, but many of his actions say otherwise. Due to the many unfaithful and self-centered decisions he makes in the story, Odysseus is not a hero.

Emphasizing on Odysseus's time on Polyphemus's show more content. Therefore, the way in which Odysseus makes his decisions portrays him to be a bad leader. Odysseus is great at examining things to make them idealize with the goal that nothing turns out badly.

In the Odyssey, he and his group go into a buckle to rest. Essay Odysseus is a Good Leader Odysseus was a man who was known for both his good and bad leadership qualities. Homer, the blind poet and the author of ‘the Odysseus ’ has portrayed Odysseus as an ambiguous character. For this reason because Odysseus want to decide who to help him brawl Cyclops with a toss of a coin, he does not show a heroic decision.

Each time when Odysseus does something wrong the Gods, particularly Zeus, would give his men troubles on Odysseus’s actions.

Odysseus what his decisions say essay
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