Metallic wrapping paper

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Metallic Wraps

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‘Green’ Christmas: Know which wrapping paper can be recycled

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Solid Color Metallic Wrap

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Anything with metallic lining like wrapping paper, bags or envelopes have to be thrown away and cannot be recycled.

Cardboard boxes and tissue paper are easily recycled. In general, any simple wrapping paper can be put in the recycling bin rather than the trash can. The only kind you need to toss is paper that’s been decorated with foil or glitter. 1pt White Wax Tissue Paper with Metallic Gold ink.

What is the difference between Tissue Paper and Wrapping Paper? Both of these Jukebox products are great packaging options that let you have your own custom design or logo printed on the paper.

Our sequin stars wrapping paper is perfect for creating glamorous gifts this Christmas! The kaleidoscope-style design has a beautiful holographic finish. Just image your gifts nestled beneath the branches of the tree!

The roll holds metres of wrap. Grafix Gold Metallic Foil Paper Roll inch-byFeet adds the perfect eye-catching accent. It is great for die cutting, layering and using decorative scissors, punches, embossing and crimping tools.

with its reflective surface, you can use is wherever you need to add some sparkle. Uline stocks a huge selection of wrapping paper, gift wrap paper and white wrapping paper.

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Metallic wrapping paper
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