Highland clearances

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The Patterns of the Highland Clearances

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The Highland Clearances

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Feb 17,  · The Highland Clearances is still a very emotive subject to many people, in many parts of the world, today. A polemic against the Highland clearances.

Highland Clearances

An interesting read for those who might be tempted to think that the English involvement in Scotland has always been benign, and a 4/5.

The Highland Clearances remain a controversial period in Scotland’s history and are still talked of with great bitterness, particularly by those families who were dispossessed of their land and even, to a large extent, of their culture, over the period of around years between the mid 18th to 19th centuries.

The Highland Clearances has ratings and 31 reviews. Jan-Maat said: Well to start with I picked this up by mistake, that's not true, I picked it up qu 4/5. Highland Clearances: Highland Clearances, the forced eviction of inhabitants of the Highlands and western islands of Scotland, beginning in the mid-to-late 18th century and continuing intermittently into the midth century.

The removals cleared the land of people primarily to allow for the introduction of sheep.

Highland clearances
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