Cnt 2014 final paper

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ARCHIVE - 2014 Beyond the Border Implementation Report

1 A Heuristic Logical Effort Approach for Gate Sizing for CNFET-Based Circuits Da Cheng, Fangzhou Wang, Feng Gao, and Sandeep K. Gupta Computer Engineering Technical Report Number CENG Synthetic oil, pressurized steam, and molten salt eutectics are used as energy storage medium and heat transfer fluid in the CSP systems [2,3].Although the synthetic oil such as Therminol is widely used in the CSP plants, its high vapor pressure restricts the operating temperature of the CSP power plants.

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paper reviews several key aspects of the S-FIL process, including template, tool, ultraviolet (UV)-curable monomer, and pattern transfer. Two applications are also presented: contact holes and Examples of final template features formed using this process are shown in Fig.

3. Deposition of small Pt nanoparticles of the order of 2– nm on carbon nanotubes (CNTs) grown directly on carbon paper is demonstrated in this work. Sulfonic acid functionalization of CNTs is used as a means to facilitate the uniform deposition of Pt on the CNT surface.

Cnt 2014 final paper
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ARCHIVE - Beyond the Border Implementation Report