A description of the percentage of what children learn emanates from playing

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Basic Information

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Understanding Your Child's Learning Style

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Peer Relationships and Play Encourage Healthy Development

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How Most Children Learn to Read

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It is clearly evident since time immemorial that, a huge percentage of what children learn emanates from playing.

It is therefore important to take caution on the type of games that we expose our children. Young children learn by copying you! Infants and toddlers are the world’s best “copy cats.” Young children learn from their parents.

Between the ages of four and nine, your child will have to master some phonics rules, learn to recognize 3, words with just a glance, and develop a comfortable reading speed approaching words a minute.

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Data and Statistics

waters amid environmental changes and shifting ecosystems. Children and community Although a great deal of children’s learning is self-motivated and self-directed, other people play major roles as guides in fostering the development of learning in children.

Such guides include other children as well as adults (caretakers, parents, teachers, coaches, etc.).

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